Credit Card Authorization Software 
ICVERIFY is a complete, PC compatible credit authorization software program which includes Credit
Card Authorization/Draft Capture, Check Guarantee, and ATM/Debit Card Authorization with menu
driven simplicity. It's faster and more efficient than ever before.

ICVERIFY can process VISA,MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, CARTE BLANCHE, JCB, and private label cards with automatic deposit capture into your existing local bank account. The software supports over 80 major card processing networks allowing access to 99% of all US banks.

Direct access is available to VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for authorization and settlement.
ICVERIFY works with all major check guarantee/approval processors and allows for automated floor
limit reporting.

ICVERIFY supports Verifone 101, 201, NCR and ICVERIFY pinpads. ICVERIFY can be "Popped-Up" over DOS/Network software applications, and needs only 3.5K of base memory using LIM/EMS expanded memory, or disk swapping.

SCREEN GRAB reads in data already entered from any other DOS merchant software. This eliminates double entry of transaction information and eliminates most fraud and clerical errors.

ICVERIFY captures and stores all transaction data electronically on your computer's hard drive (stores transactions for up to 9 years!). This allows for unlimited flexibility and reporting options.

ICVERIFY can operate in REAL-TIME or off-line BATCH environment. Driver's License information can be instantly processed after input from a magnetic stripe reader.

ICVERIFY is the next generation of instant credit verification!

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
SPIC110  110  ICVerify DOS Single User Cred card/Debit verification software  349
SPIC112  112  ICVerify DOS Multiuser-8 Users  499
SPIC112A  112A  ICVerify Multi-User - Each Additional User (over 8 users)  99
SPIC130  130  ICVerify Dual Track KB Card Reader, tracks 1 & 2  199
SPIC136  136  IC Verify 3 track reader with KB Interface  399
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