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BioScrypt Finger Reader Door Entry is GREAT and Priced $695.00
V-Flex BioScrypt   


ReliTouch is SUPER too           
    • Smaller, more attractive styling
    • Ergonomic design for proper finger placement
    • Parallel printer port attach with pass through – Can attach a printer to same port
    • Embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for:
  • Automatic calibration to capture best fingerprint image with no user interaction
  • Faster Auto Snap image capture, Etc.
Price / Performance 
  • Lowest priced fingerprint product being shipped today
    • $199 ea. (Volume Inquiries welcome) 
    • $395 ea. with Developer's Kit
Ease of Use 
  • Easy to install both hardware and software
    • Approximately 2 minutes each
  • User-friendly introduction - Fingerprint Labä 
    • Immediate, positive Out-of-Box experience
    • Visual, intuitive feedback to develop the user’s understanding of biometrics and SecureTouch technology
Facilitates enterprise-wide Single-Sign-On solution 
  • Family of products
    • Windowsâ 3.1, 95/98 and NT 4.0 with GINA Logon support
    • Parallel printer port attach - supports PCs and laptops
    • USB attach - supports newer (1997) PCs and laptops (3Q98)
    • RS232 serial port attach - supports UNIX-based workstations (4Q98)
  • Extensive application development support
    • Well defined and documented Application Programming Interface (API)
    • Java Wrapper – For Java Internet-based applets
    • ActiveX Wrapper – For drag & drop Visual Basic application development
    • Client / Server support
  • Enroll & verify from client with data stored on server
  • Over LAN or Internet
  • Great for e-business and thin-client support
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One-on-One Facial Recognition

Your face is your key. The uniqueness of the human face can now control access to your building, time and attendance system or secured areas. One-on-One facial verification sets a new standard in physical access control, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide non-intrusive personal verification. One-on-One utilizes proven technology, which is built on the premise that no two faces are exactly the same. The proprietary verification process generates a digital "facial signature" which is then matched against a stored signature. If the two match, the person’s identity is verified. 

  • Easy to use – Simple operating procedures make One-on-One easy to use. Just look into a mirror and you’re ready to go.
  • Robust – Normal eyeglasses, makeup, and facial hair do not interfere with correct verification. The system analyzes the individual’s facial topography and will not be misled by changes in facial hair or hair color. People are recognized even when they switch between normal eyeglasses and contact lenses. 
  • Secure – One-on-One does not store the facial image. As a result, hackers cannot reconstruct the image of the face.
  • Efficient – The facial signature, or Personal Identification Vectorä (PIVä ), requires only 96 bytes of memory. The PIV can easily be stored on swipe cards as well as smart cards or computer databases.
  • Fast – Facial verification takes less than one second.
  • Accurate – The proprietary algorithm results in a very low False Reject Rate or False Accept Rate – adjustable from .01%.
  • Versatile – One-on-One may be used in conjunction with keypads or a variety of card readers.
  • Adaptable – Easily integrated into existing access control systems
   Introductory Sale Priced @ $1695 complete (2nd door $1495) 

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