CALL BLOCKERS: Inbound (Stops Unwanted Calls) & Outbound (Control Access to Long Distance Calls)

Privatel, PrivateTime, Friends Only, Line-Minder, ZapIt and other names from 1985-2010 are no longer manufactured or available

INBOUND Call Blocker

"MyLine-Monitor" tm Pro Call Blocker, Blocks unwanted (Inbound) calls or faxes

Now works with Magic Jack tm Vonage tm and Skype tm VoIP

This is NOT a "pro-active" unit whereby you set a list of phone numbers you want to block from calling (bugging) you.

This unit IS a "re-active" product where you need to block calls as they come in, thereby creating a de facto "Blacklist" and insuring the nasty pest can not call again.

Line Minder tm Call Blocker (Inbound)

"MyLine Monitor" Retail Price $99.95

Your Cost $49.95 USD  plus $4.95 USPS Airmail (EMS Shipping Worldwide from the USA)

"MyLine Monitor" for the UK (42 Sterling & 11.50 Sterling USPS)

  "MyLine Monitor" for the EU (46 Euro & 13.50 USPS)
We can also invoice in Swiss Franc, Thai Baht, AUD$, CAN$, Danish Krona, HK$, PHP$ and more.(15 total) You can also pay via Western Union or U.S. Postal Money Order

CALLER ID PHONE with Call Blocking & Screening

Latest Bluetooth combines Cordless & Landline

The Panasonic KX-TH1212B DECT 6.0, expandable, Bluetooth cell link telephone system allows you to dial and receive calls at home with your cell phone line. The Panasonic KX-TH1212B Link to Cell technology allows you to connect your cell phone calls to your home handset extensions. With this system you longer have to worry about running for your cell phone or cradling a pocket sized device on your shoulder.

KX-TH1212B Features:

New DECT 6.0 Technology
- Interference Free Communication
- Increased Clarity / Enhanced Security
- Wider Range / Network Friendly
1.9GHz Cordless Phone
- Dedicated for Cordless Phones by the FCC
- 30% Battery Life Increase Over 5.8GHz

Single Line Operation
Talking Caller ID / Call Waiting
Exclusive Panasonic Talking Features
- Talking Caller ID
- Talking Battery Alert
- Talking Alarm Clock
Expandable Up To 6 Handsets
- Up to 6 Handsets
- Up to 2 Bluetooth Cell Phones
Wall Mountable

Night Mode
- Program Individual Handsets To Ring Or Remain Silent For Specified Time Periods
Ex. Bedside Handset In Night Mode Remains Silent While Handsets In Other Locations Will Ring For Incoming Calls
Handset Speakerphone
3-Line White Backlit LCD Display
Illuminated Keypad
Cell Phone Link
Programmable to Make & Answer Calls Using Cellular Line of Bluetooth Compatible Phone
50 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory
50 Station Phone Directory / Dialer
Inbound Call Blocking-Selective based on Caller-ID List
Up To 4-Way Conferencing
Voicemail LED Indicator
7 Selectable Ringtones
Handset Volume Control
5-Step Ringer Volume Control
Visual Ringer
Ringer ID & Customize Ringer ID for Incoming Calls
Handset Locator
Chain Dial
Tone / Pulse Dialing
5 Number Redial
Line In Use Indicator
Any Key Answer
Up To 5 Hours Talk Time
Up To 11 Days Standby
7 Hour Charge Time
60 Channel Operation
Audible & Visual Battery Alert
Headset Jack
Belt Clip - Included w/ Brand New Models
Bilingual Menu Support (English / Spanish)

$119.95 plus Ground UPS $10.95

Bluetooth® Convergence Solution
Like using your cell phone at home but don't like carrying it around? Now you can make and receive cell phone calls though your multi-handset home phone with the Bluetooth®-powered Panasonic Link-to-Cell. Link-to-Cell harnesses the power of Bluetooth® to combine the freedom of your cell phone and the convenience of a home phone. By linking your cell phone to the Bluetooth®-powered Panasonic Link-to-Cell, you can make or receive call on all compatible Panasonic home phone handsets. Don't want to be without your cell phone's phonebook? No problem. With Link-to-Cell's Phonebook Transfer feature, you can transfer up to 600 names and numbers from your cell phone to the built-in handset directory via Bluetooth®. Link-to-Cell also features Bluetooth® headset connectivity so you can keep the conversation going and your hands free. Perfect for those times when you're talking but need to walk around your office or home, open drawers, flip through files or write.

Dect 6.0 PLUS
Dect Plus technology takes the superb sound quality and outstanding range of DECT 6.0 phones to a whole new level. By increasing the frequency of error correction up to 80x, the transmission quality is improved and the phone's range is extended. Engineered to work in 1.9GHz frequency, our DECT 6.0 phones won't conflict with common wireless devices such as 2.4GHz routers, wireless keyboards and mice, microwave ovens and other household items. And because it's digital, you'll enjoy long range and clear sound while deterring eavesdropping.

Intelligent Eco Mode
This clever new feature automatically lowers the power consumption when you're using the handset close to the base unit. Not only does it extend the available talk time, it's good for the environment. When less power is used by the handset to communicate with the base unit, battery life is prolonged which results in less frequent charging and can result in fewer batteries in landfills.

Silent Mode
Now you can program each handset to ring or not at your discretion. For example, before you go to sleep, set the bedside handset to Silent Mode so that it won't ring for the duration of your slumber. In the meantime, the handset in another room is unaffected, and rings as usual.

Smart Wall-Mount
Handsets feature a sleek, low profile base unit with a reversible pedestal. These models are ideal for kitchen use because they do not take up a lot of room on a desk or countertop, and they can be quickly and easily mounted to a wall by using the reverse side of the pedestal.

Non-Slip Handset
Multi-tasking while you are talking on a cordless handset — whether it's jotting down a quick note, pouring a glass of juice or folding a few pieces of laundry — is often difficult due to the tendency of the handset to slip as you cradle it on your shoulder. The rubberized grip helps prevent slipping, making it easier and more comfortable to cradle the phone when you want to work with your hands.

Talking Caller ID
Now you don't have to be holding the phone to see who's calling; using text-to-speech technology, the Caller ID information is announced in between rings! The phone also boasts an alarm clock that speaks to you, as in "It's time for lunch," and the phone politely tells you when your battery is low with a "Please charge phone" reminder!

Retail $149.95 Your Cost $119.95 Extra Handsets Retail $89.95 Your Cost $59.95 

(Discounts for additional Handsets-up to 5 more, total 6) Ships from Austin, TX

Pricing Configuration

ATT SB 67118B: 4-Line Phone System with Long-Range Cordless Handsets: Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Landline & Cellular

Basic Package (Shown above) Up to Six (6) Repeaters AND up to six (6) additional Handsets

- Call Screening & Intercept CALL BLOCKING
- Memo recording
- 50 Name/number caller ID history
- Mute & Hold
- Headset compatible (2.5 mm jack)
- Selectable ringer tones
- Last 10 number redial
- Rapid scroll & Chain dialing
- Visual message-waiting indicator
- Multi-line corded telephones
- Fully integrated digital answering system
- 1 Additional handset and charger included
- From 1 to 4-line operation
- 100 Name/number phonebook directory
- 3-party conferencing (for multi-line systems)
- Dial-in-base speakerphone
- English/Spanish setup menu
- New call indicator
- Remove button
- Memory loss protection
- Remote access with programmable options
- 4-line lighted display
Large blue lighted display
- Unsurpassed range - redefining long range coverage and clarity
- Integrated answering systems
- DECT zero blind slot technology
- Push-to-talk intercom - from base to handset and from handset to handset
- Expandable up to 10 handsets
- intercom and call transfer between stations
- 10 speed dial and 10 intercom number locations
- Handset, speakerphone, headset and ringer volume controls
- Music on hold
- Compatible with TL7600 cordless headset
- Auto-Attendant on each line
- Individual voicemail boxes for each extension
- Up to 100 minutes of digital recording time

Read about it here

Outbound Call Blocking
(Stop kids, visitors & patients & guest call abuse)

TT976-FP: Always blocks 976, 1-976 allows 800# and 911. Options include blocking:1, 0, (on 1st digit), 1-900, 411, 1-411........$89.95

Viking TR-1: Blocks 1+, +1-976 Program specific area codes, 1-50 minute call timer, override bypass code (user set)......$99.95 to $129.95  

Tabletop Payphones! Stops pesky long-distance call abusers.

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