Caller ID Telephone 2-Line Speaker by FANS Telecom

Retail $149.95 Your Cost $99.95 ($10.95 UPS Ground)

ST-218B Two Line Big Screen Caller ID Phone

- 2-Line business telephone w/ giant LCD (Combine with our MYLINK Bluetooth Cell Interface-makes line 1 Landline and Line 2 Cell)
- Caller ID, Call Waiting-Caller ID (both lines)
- 99# name/number caller ID log
- Voicemail waiting indication for line 1 and line 2
- Mute/hold/redial/flash/pause
- New call indicator/new call counter
- High quality speakerphone
- 2.5mm headset jack (Combine with our Plantronics Cordless Headsets)
- Headset LED indicator
- Data port
- Redial memory of up to 32 digits
- 99# names/numbers directory
- Search for number in directory by simply entering name
- Dial from Caller ID log or directory
- 2 programmable one-touch memory buttons
- "Messages" button to access voice mailbox
- Clear Message Light button
- One touch call forwarding (don't need to wait for the end of dialing sequence for call forwarding before leaving office)
- Edit telephone number before dialing
- LED light to indicate line status
- Speakerphone and Mute LED indicator
- Basic telephone functions still maintained with power outage
- Memory retention without power

- Adjustable ringer, speaker, and receiver volume
- Giant backlit LCD with adjustable viewing angle
- Adjustable high contrast LCD display
- 3-Line ultra large font display
- Viewing area: 7.4 square inches
- Displays real time clock and date when idle
- Wall mountable
- Power supply: AC adapter (included)
- Size: 9.27 x 7.18 (inches) Weight 4lbs
- Black

$99.95 & $10.95 UPS Ground

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