Cash Drawers

HTS P/N Vendor P/N Description List
CDMM220A 225-220-A07-89 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer, Solenoid, Star 300 Series Configuration 245
CDMM220A1 225-2140-A07-89 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer w/Media Slot, Solenoid, Star300 Configuration 260
CDMM220A3 225-2130T0489 Cash Drawer with Top Media slot in casing, Epson 15.81" depth 270
CDMM220B 225-220-705 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer, Solenoid, Star 8340 Serial Configuration 245
CDMM220C 225-220-C00-89 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer, Solenoid, Citizen 3530 Configuration 260
CDMM220C1 225-2140-C00-89 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer w/Media Slot, Solenoid, Citizen 3530 Configu. 260
CDMM220C3 225-220C27-89 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer, Solenoid, Citizen 3535 w/Rewinder Configuat. 260
CDMM220T 225-220-T04-89 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer, Solenid, Epson Configuration 245
CDMM2230PL 225-2230PL 18.81x15.81 CashDrawer, Parallel interface with 12 Volt Adapter 419
CDMM2232ND 225-2232ND 18.81x19.69 Non-Dedicated Addressable Serial with 12 Volt Adapter 419
CDMM320 225-320-002-89 18.81x19.69 CashDrawer,Dedicated Serial w/12 Volt Adapter/25-Female 299
CDMM320A 225-320-A07-89 18.81x19.69 Cash Drawer, Star 300 Series Configuation 245
CDMM320B 225-320-00B 18.81x19.69 CashDrawer, Dedicated Serial w/12 Volt Adapter/9-Female 299
CDMM320C 225-320-C00-89 18.81x19.69 Cash Drawer, Citizen Configuation 245
CDMM320M 225-2140-320 18.81x19.69 Cash Drawer, Serial, with Media Slot, 25-pin Con 285
CDMM320T 225-320-T04-89 18.81x19.69 Cash Drawer, Epson Configuation 245
CDMM520A 225-520-A07-89 20.5x22 CashDrawer, Star 300 Series Configuration w/Media Slot 295



HTS P/N Vendor P/N Description List
CDMM2865 225-2865PK-04 Tuffy 65 Cash Tray with P.K. Lock 64
CDMM2865A 225-2865-04 Tuffy 65 Cash Tray for ECD200 and ECD232 36
CDMM2875 225-2875 Tuffy Cover with Flat Key Lock for ECD200 and ECD232 16.5