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1981-2011 30 years of Solutions, Tech Support, Logistics and 30 Years of "Bridging the Digital Divide"


From "Country of Manufacturer Origin" to the most remote regions of the Globe-Antarctica...Galápagos' Islands... Principe & Sao Tome...Fiji...Trinidad & Tobago...Nepal..Oceana

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These Cellular Terminals allow Cell to Cell calls for In-Plan free calls, (called Least Cost Routing) In the USA, For example, calling ATT to ATT or Verizon to Verizon. Outside the USA, where inbound cell calls are free, the savings is realized in the differential between Wire to Wire calls versus Wire (wall rj11) to Wireless.

In Mexico, the National Bank- Banco de Mexico- was using 7mm minutes a month to alert customers of overdrawn accounts and VISA bills overdue-calling people on their cell (from TelMex wired lines), & SMS to their cell. The price difference was 7 cents a minute ! The system paid for itself in 90 days.

When the Wire PBX (Toshiba, Iwatsu, Nortel, Siemens, Panasonic, Trillium, ATT/Lucent) in your closet is co-located (fancy word for 'installed next-to') with the Wireless Cellular Terminal (called a Fixed Wireless Terminal-FWT), you save BIG $. You still dial a call as before, with your same desk phone, but the switch knows when you dial out if the call is Cell or Wire, then routes appropriately.

A lot to say, a lot to explain, a lot to comprehend? Sure is, but we can do it many ways worldwide. Installation nightmare? Not a problem as we've been doing these for years. We are backed up by techs Worldwide. Our Cellular PBX Solutions have been sold, delivered & installed in over 20 U.S Embassies & Consulates worldwide.

The 2nd reason these are so hot? We are now at 5-billion Cell Lines and 1-billion Wire Lines worldwide. A Multi-line Cell terminal finally competes as a stand-alone PBX, all wireless.

3rd rationale? Emergency backup to downed Phone PBX. Floods, Fire, Hurricane, Earthquakes, Heaven forbid, and these terminals are instantly up and running, (assuming the cell towers are Solar powered). Somewhat the same, though not, for a Cellular GSM Alarm Backup

8-Port Cellular PBX with Least Cost Routing
900/1800 & 850/1900 GSM Click Here
Fixed Wireless Terminals                                       GSM Wireless Payphone                           Portable Cellular Fax
                                                   GSM Cellular Internet CCTV Camera
                                                                                                                                                                              GSM Cellular CCTV Security Camera
                                                                        SIM Inserted 900/1800 mhz Desktop Speakerphone
OEM Module Siemens MC46
                                                               Siemens MC46 GSM Module 850/1800/1900mhz                                    
                                                                              A simple chipset makes all the difference                          Looking to get a Telephone Jack aka (RJ11 Interface) from your Cell (Mobile) Phone?

Single & Multiline GSM for:                                                                                            
Voice over Internet (VoIP)
Telephone System Interface (PBX)

SMS Broadcast

International Call Termination
SMS via Outlook
Construction Site PBX
Alarm System Backup
Wire Line (Landline) Backup

Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Signal Boost (via 1-2 watt Terminal)
Emergency Communications (Incident, Flooding, Earthquake)

Eurotech (USA) CDMA & GSM Single & Multi-Line Terminals [FCC Approved]

also NEW VoIP2ALL solutions too


Internet Telephone (VoIP), Cellular PBX & Call Termination


32 Channel (1 SIM each) 32 Channel (4 SIM each) As a PBX or VoIP Call Termination (including Joint-Venture), this can handle 30 calls at one time. Usually configured and ships 1-week.See the entire product line: VoIP2ALL, Multi-Line PBX, 1-SIM Fax Terminal, 1 & 2 SIM Voice-Grade (replaces the Landline) Read it here  "VoIP2ALL" plug n' play Internet calling (requires ISP & Router) models range from 2 SIM to 32 from 8 to 64 SIM Mini-Server, or SIM Server 192-512 SIM. read it here

2N Telekom: Czech Republik

(850/1800/1900) (900/1800) (900/1800/1900) Siemens and Wavecom Modules

Perhaps one of the higher-priced options, but then "you get what you pay for". Many terminals "lock up" calls-not 2N. None have integration to Outlook for SMS (text message), or 'Ring-Forward' sending desk calls to your Cell, seamlessly, without alerting the inbound caller. And when connected to a Quintum Gateway (then to the ISP), creates seamless VoIP environment sending calls digitized, through the internet, to the other country /party. This is called an E1 PRI. 32 SIM (30 active) for 30-live calls. This category is known as "call termination". Some terminals have 1-2-3-4 SIM per Channel (to rotate time/day/carrier), 2N can do 6 or 8 SIM.

2N also have rate tables for Least Cost Routing, a remote control unit (RCU), and can be programmed to distinguish Portability numbers (when someone keeps their phone number but changes carrier). Understand? Come into the live chat or skype for more details.

Click Here  Ateus "Stargate" Channel Bank for 8-16-32 Channel E1 PRI (lines) and Bluestar and Bluetower 4-8-16 Channel Also, for Analog, 4-256 SIM, GSM, (T1 24 Circuit) See Siemens


"Easygate" Single SIM Line for VOICE, FAX & SMS $395.00 (Click Here) ... And what about the Omikron? This neat unit scales from 2 lines and 2 extensions up to 8 x 8 x8. What the heck does that mean? Well, eight staff can make up to eight calls outbound, either 8 wire or 8 cell or any combo (has least cost routing) $1995-5995.00 Read here

HTI Branded Multi-Line (SIM) 4-Port, 8-Port, 16 Port (FOB) CHINA

GSM 900/1800 or 850/1900mhz $595.00 4 Channel x 1 SIM. 4 Channel x 4 SIM each (4X4) with SIM Changer & IMEI $1195.00

 8-Port $1195.00 and 16-Port $2495.00 "Reverse Polarity" to activate billing, PBX or VoIP. click here


GSM & CDMA Desktop Speaker Phone (SIM Inserted or RUIM/NON-RUIM):

A Market Overview
Phone, Speakerphone, Fax G3, PC Fax, GPRS, 2nd Extension Phone, SMS, Qwerty Keyboard

GSM SIM Inserted Speakerphone Conference PhoneKonftel GSM 300 M World's Largest Cell Phone Conference Speakerphone (SIM Insert)

Huawei China   
  GSM Desktop Speakerphone ships from China direct to your door.
GSM Speakerphone & Cordless      Teltonika

Country      Company
Model Name
Card or Paypal
Germany Siemens
Quad Phone
Elite Professional
Czech Jablotron
Czech Jablotron Quad GPRS Data Internet, Fax
Sweden Possio
850/1900mhz or 900/1800mhz

UK Telecom FM

Teltonika 900/1800mhz   $299.00  BUY NOW 

Germany Siemens
China (GPRS, Fax)
Jetsense Pro
Czech Jablotron

Germany Siemens Gigaset
1-Landline/3 Cell
Israel/USA Eurotech
Winner One GSM
Israel/USA Eurotech
RUIM CDMA 800 & 1900mhz
Winner One CDMA
USA Telular
GSM (850/1900 or 900/1800mhz) ATT, USA Cellular, T-Mobile
USA Telular
CDMA (800/1900mhz) Verizon Alltel
Japan Panasonic Convg. Cordless
Bluetooth (Pair- 2 Cell, Headset, Contact List)
KXT 6582

"PhoneCell SX" (USA): Shipping Worldwide from our USA Warehouse. GSM 900/1800 & 850/1900mhz and CDMA 800/1900mhz (1 Line = 1 SIM)

Our biggest seller is a Phonecell-SX combined with a Panasonic Mini-Fax allowing Cellular Faxing on GSM or CDMA Systems Worldwide. We have these working in Singapore, Fiji, Bahrain, Cameroon and beyond for Sales Vehicles, Trucks, EMS, Medical Vehicles, Vacation Homes and Construction Sites, Remote Mines and more

Working on the Sprint, ATT, T-Mobile and Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Cellular One& Verizon Networks

Instant wireless portable office. $495-$725.00 These Terminals have a cellphone built-in and have a regular phonejack (rj-11) on the side. "Dialtone in a Box" for CDMA (800/1900mhz) & GSM (900/1800, 850/1900 and 1900mhz only). Now offers Hi-Speed Data 3G, HSDPA & GPRS, Least Cost Routing, Desktop Phone, Fax Modulation... (click here) 

 Wavecom: (USA, France, South Africa)

GSM 1900/900 (USA) or GSM 900/1800 (non-USA) Cellular Modem with RS-232 interface for VoIP, SMS, Internet (Click Here)
$275-350 volume USD/FOB (Remember this has no phone jack-RJ11 interface)

Matrix Telecom is now Matrix ComSec (USA and India)

$10,995.00 with Quintum DX230 Gateway. Package includes 30 Channel (3 SIM each) E1 PRI (lowest price anywhere) $7995.00 without Gateway. Ships from USA. Tech available for installation worldwide. Matrix also offers 1 & 2-SIM Terminals priced $299.95 to $399.95 (ships from Sydney, AU and California, US)


Cellular (GSM/CDMA) Portable Fax Solutions

Product Matrix (Global)

Please note: Some products are not approved for the Americas, others can be used worldwide

Shipping from the Source (USA, China, UK, Israel, Singapore, Germany, Czech),

Direct to you, or your client's door. (UPS, TNT, Fedex, DHL EMS-not included)

     Eurotech Israel GSM or CDMA Fax Terminal for G3 Analog           World's only dual-mode, quad band GSM Cellular Portable Fax

Fax Send & Recieve Online starts @ $3.99 USD per mo.


NOTE: For a Stand-Alone GSM or CDMA Analog Fax Machine or "Terminal with Attached Fax" to work, the service called CSD must be offered! Some offer free, others $10 a mo.


2N Easygate 1-SIM GSM Terminal [

FCC & CE Approved] Quad Band (850-900-1800-1900) Worldwide Unit for Voice, Fax and SMS Retail $499.95 Your Cost $399.95 Read more here


Telular's latest PhonecellSX unit with Voice, Data & Fax* (*Carrier dependent)




Retail $899.95 Your Cost $724.95 plus $19.95 UPS Ground Insured



Product Name System Technology Frequency Price Carrier-Operator-Service Provider Links
Cellular Terminal "Phonecell SX 5e" GSM Voice, Fax & GPRS Data (Dialtone) 2-Year Warranty (Plug-in up 5 Extensions-Fax, Phone, Long-Range Cordless, Voice Dialer) + PC 
(In-Stock, ships by 4pm)
850/1900mhz $499.95  (USA, Canada, Americas) 110v or 220v Power ("Mains") T-Mobile, USA Cellular Read more
Cellular Terminal
"Phonecell SX 5e"
GSM Voice, Fax & GPRS Data (Wholesale/Export Available) 900/1800mhz $499.95 (Outside Americas-Mideast, Africa, Asia) 110v or 220v Power ("Mains") Read more
Cellular Terminal "Phonecell SX 5T" CDMA Voice & Fax, EVDO Data 800/1900mhz $579.95 (USA, Canada, Americas) 110v or 220v power ("Mains") Verizon & Alltel & others Read more
Cellular Terminal
"Phonecell SX5T"
CDMA Voice & Fax, EVDO Data (Wholesale/Export Available) 1900mhz $579.95 Outside Americas-Mideast, Africa, Asia) 110v or 220v Power ("Mains") Read more
Cellular Terminal "Easygate"  Voice/Fax GSM Voice & Fax and SMS and Least-Cost-Routing (LCR) 850/900/1800/1900mhz $399.95 FCC Approved. Ships Worldwide 110/220v Read more
Cellular Terminal Phonecell SX 7T (Combo) Comes in all flavors, CDMA & GSM Domestic & Export. newest offering for combined Voice, Data & Fax. (EVDO & GPRS & HSDPA) see VIDEO ABOVE GSM 850/1900 or 900/1800 and CDMA 800/1900 $724.95 FCC Approved & Made-in-the-USA Read More
GRETA Portable GSM Phone, Fax, Copier, Scanner, Printer (via USB) Possio 900/1800/1900 $899.95 (USA, Canada, Americas) & Global Model (ships from EU) 110v or 220v (Internal Battery) 12v CLA Extra Read more
Quad Portable GSM/PSTN Cellular & Landline Phone, Fax, Copier (Battery Extra) TOEC 850/900/1800/1900mhz $699.95 NOT Approved for USA or Canada (ships from China) 220v Power ("Mains" & 12v CLA) Read more
Cellular Terminal "Winner" GSM Voice & Fax (Eurotech Communications) 900/1800 mhz & 900/1800/1900mhz $369.95 (USA, Canada, Americas) or Global Model Read more
eFAX (Data) GSM or CDMA using Data Card/Service (per Mb), 3G & 4G
+Portable Scanner and/or Printer (USB or Bluetooth or WiFi)
All Frequencies, WiFi & Wi-Max $149.95+ (USA, Canada, Americas) &Global using a Notebook, Netbook, PDA, Tablet PC Contact
GSM Desktop Speakerphone GSM Phone, RJ-11Interface (Fax) & RJ-45 Interface GPRS 850/900/1800/1900mhz $489.95 GLOBAL including Americas GDP-04 Ships from EU, Canada & Czech Read more
Satellite Fax Costs climb from $.10 per page to $1.00 or more, but works worldwide   $2-$3.5k GLOBAL including Americas Encrypted Server, Compression, Spooling, Global Read here
GSM Desktop Speakerphone China-Made (Volume Quantities) Phone, RJ-11 Fax, RJ-45 (Data)  Retail $299. JetSense All frequencies GSM $139-$189 NOT Approved for EU, Canada, USA Read more
Cellular Terminal "Phonecell SX" Sprint (CDMA) & ATT (GSM) Voice & DATA (+ Plan) Do
NOT support Fax (CSD), unless eFax (using attachment to eMail)
1900mhz CDMA 850/1900 GSM $649-$725 (USA, Canada, Americas) & Worldwide Read more

Thinking of eFax via Tablet or Netbook or PDA? Need a USB Scanner?
Weight: 0.95lbs
Length: 6in
Width: 2in
Height: 12in

Road Warrior Portable USB Scanner

Cobra Digital

Scan A4 documents up to 600dpi
Supports micro SD cards up to 32GB
USB 2.0 Connection to PC
Color or black and white scanning
Real time scanning detector to prevent distortion
Built-in "over-speed" alert to control the scanning speed
Built-in "Realtime" scanning detector to avoid distortion (Error Correction)

Read the PDF

Retail $149.95 Your Cost $89.95 & $7.95 UPS Ground

RJ-11 one(1) line Telephone Jack: (Trying to get "Dialtone" out of a cell phone?)  The newest idea for Cell Phone to Landline Interface is the Dock n Talk and MyLink $84.95 (Does not work with a Fax, Credit Card Machine or PC) What about Dialtone out of a PC? Magic Jack, for example

Cellular Alarm & Backup:

Foolproof back-up to alarm when phone line is cut.....$295-795.  (click here to view)  And stand alone Quad Cellular GSM Alarm $299-499 (as primary) Read more


Cellular Payphone:

Use Debit/Chip Card Swipe Payphone, Call Meter with 1-Line Trimline or Tabletop Payphone and connect to either Fixed Cellular Box or Your Cell (and Adapter) Click Here (for CellPay)  and here (for GSM only 900/1800mhz) . Pricing from starts $249-$1,295. USD

WiFi (Wireless Internet) Kiosk "Access Point" & Pay Station:

Not Cellular or GSM, this is actually a Pay Acceptor for getting Internet Access. It looks like a Payphone, minus the handset. Click Here


Cellular Boosters:

Ships from Taiwan &  Links your portable to antennas & booster for home/office in ANALOG MODE!!! GSM & CDMA
Also-New Cellular Repeaters and Boosters for Restaurant, Office, Stores...$395-$595  Click Here OR  Click Here


Dual SIM/Dual Frequency Handheld Portable GSM Mobile 

 Newest unit is from China, with Bluetooth, Camera, MP3, 2gb Storage, Dual Band 900/1800mhz. $249.00 Click Here


All prices are FOB, Ex-Works, Country of Origin.  Shipping via EMS, TNT, Fedex, DHL, UPS and Freight Forwarders

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(Shipping from the manufacturer to your door worldwide)

1-800-TECH NOW (832 4669)  WDC (US GOV) +1 202 550 7248     NYC +1 212 470 9664   Miami + 1 786 556 4858 Espanol
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