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PATI The PATI 3000 combines the power of computer and telephone technologies at a price that anyone can afford. The PATI 3000 is a new productivity tool that can be used by almost any busy business executive, small business, or home office. PATI is a cost effective, easy to install, external device that links a single line telephone with a personal computer. 
  • connects directly to your PC via the parallel port
  • keeps a record of your calls by company or telephone number
  • caller ID compatible 
  • minimum requirements: 
    • IBM compatible 386SX/25
    • 5 MB free hard drive space/4 MB free RAM
    • Windows 3.1/DOS 5.0
    • previously enabled Caller ID option
PATI 3000 without headset interface $99.00
PATI-INTERFACE with headset interface $109.00
PATI-HEADSET headset included $189.00

Command Communications

CS3500 ($69.95) & 5500 ($89.95)A 3-port, user-installable, non-programmable telephone line-sharing device with CNG and reverse modem detection, distinctive ring compatibility, voice call priority and manual call transfer.
ASAP (Commercial Grade) ($139-189) Models 102, 203, 104 (1-2 line & 3-4 port) Click Here


SR-3 - Multi-Link's line of Selective Ring Processors! Available in 2 or 3 port (routes 2 or 3 phone numbers) models. Once installed on the phone line, the SR learns the ring pattern of each inbound call. It then automatically diverts the calls to the appropriate device or phone, without ringing other devices connected to it. Features include "Smartware" processor that guarantees compatibility with all "Distinctive Ring" services throughout the U.S. and Canada, surge protection and "Barge In" protection with busy signal, ensures privacy on the line. Thus, when the line is in use by one device, other devices cannot "barge-in" and disrupt the call. SR-3 has a two-year warranty.

"Line-Powered" SR-2 Selective Ring processor doesn't require external power operate. No batteries needed. Routes calls even during a power outage! "Barge-in" protection. Installs anywhere on the phone line. One-year warranty.

THE STICK Automatically screens and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment -- every time! Allows up to 4 voice/data devices to share a single phone line. Compatible with virtually all phone systems, fax machines/PC fax cards, internal/external modems and TDD phones. "Barge-In" protection. Programmable "Rings to Answer" feature allows use with Caller ID. Three-year warranty and Factory-Direct support and programming. 


Caller Profile 3.0 A Windows-based telephone activity manager. Features include: screen pop-up with incoming caller's information, direct link to phonebook or to popular databases like ACTI, Goldmine, Maximizer, MS Access, and others. Should the customer not be in your database an optional CD ROM-based telephone directory can be searched, or the system will automatically display the metropolitan area and state of the caller. Calls can be Voice Announced (number or name in your own voice). A call log is maintained for later analysis and report generation. The 2-line version also tracks outbound dialed numbers -- excellent for monitoring phone usage, e.e. outbound telemarketing and phone consultation time. Paging and e-mail are optional "Power Tools" included with Caller Profile 3.0. The RC-series models include all necessary hardware. System requirements include 486 or better PC, one free RS232 serial port, 4.5 MB hard disk space, 8 MB of RAM, 3.5" disk drive, optional sound card and CD-ROM drive.

Windows 3.x version -- RC616-M
Windows95 version -- RC632-M 


Solocall A computer-enhanced telephony device for the mobile, communications-dependent professional. Programmable through any touch-tone telephone or by installing Smart Start, a graphical interface (GUI), on any Windows-based PC. Its software allows users to visualize the flow of voice communications, prioritize anticipated callers, schedule where someone can be reached at different times of day and maintain detailed billing information. Includes: Smart Monitoring, which allows remote monitoring and selective connection of phone calls; Smart Routing, which gives control of which calls, including faxes, follow the worker and which don't; and Smart Menus, which lets inbound callers navigate backwards and forwards through menu choices, eliminating "dead ends" where callers must hang up and redial. 

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