(for small business everywhere...don't get taken by telemarketers & sales reps .pushing 48-month, $38 contracts)
Consider a Virtual Terminal via JP Morgan Chase and Paymentech. $20 per mo. with low, low rates-Charges credited overnight  Contact Us
VERIFONE ZON JR XL (Being phased-out)
VERIFONE TRANZ 330: (below w/250 printer & #101 keypad) Special Price $349 (reader only)

VERIFONE TRANZ 380: Special Price $399
VERIFONE TRANZ 420:Battery operated! (has plug, too.) Run your whole business with this and a cellular interface and a cell phone. In-home sales, trade shows, kiosks, mobile sales force, delivery jobbers...Combined reader & printer in one (uses 1-plug) , battery operation! Special Price $699
VERIFONE TRANZ 460:Same as above, but electric power only.Special Price $599

HYPERCOM T7P with its integrated, modular printer, and the ability to support draft capture, debit, check and proprietary card processing, is the right choice for your POS product needs, for upgrading existing auth-only equipment, or for merchants moving to debit...$649 
(Click Here for Specs)

Model-50 CELLULAR READER/PRINTER:Wireless Business all-in-one with cellular phone, credit card reader, printer, and barcode reader interface (barcode wand or handheld scanner extra)................$1295

"IC-VERIFY" READER SOFTWARE DOS PC Program works with magnetic strip readers. In the retail environment, you can have a complete Point-of-Sale System including computer, software, cash drawer, barcode reader or wand or flat scanner w/glass panel, mag. strip reader for packages ranging $1100-3000. For a laptop-portable business its a great idea, running through a cellular interface.
To see notebooks click here,  IC-Verify Software Click here Point-of-Sale/Barcode click here.
VERIFONE #250 PRINTER: Priced $299 (combine with Tranz #330 Reader and pay only $599-SAVES $50
CASIO-EPSON-SEIKO POS PRINTERS: compatable product w/out the Verifone label.....Price $225-349.00
Brings in the world of instant payment banking, with direct debit from your clients bank account. Connects directly into card reader allowing entry of four-digit "pin" code............ $149. Also, secure coding software required by most merchant services is $49 extra, pre-installed before shipping.
Shipped direct from the largest distributor in the USA direct to your door. Orders paid by 16:00 shipped same day.

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A sales agent will contact you regarding any details, site visit and "credit check" fee, which is not refunded, (average bank charges $175-250).
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