Wireless Networking by D-Link

AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Router 54Mbps $119.95
AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Cardbus Adapter 54Mbps  $89.95                                                                               $89.95 Airplus Desktop PCI Card        AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Access Point 54Mbps $139.95            

The D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G line offers: Faster Wireless Networking For Increased Productivity - The AirPlus Xtreme G line of products offers data transfer rates up to 54Mbps-5 times faster than standard 802.11b networks to deliver rich content like digital images and real time MPEG videos in a fraction of the time.
Investment Protection in Your Existing 802.11b Devices- The AirPlus Xtreme G line of products are fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard so you can still use any 802.11b compatible access points, routers, and adapters that you may already own. Peace of Mind With Better Security with 802.1x and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) - The AirPlus Xtreme G line of products offer better security than previous versions of wireless networking products to protect sensitive data?
Especially important in a business environment (These features will be available via a driver or firmware upgrade download in Spring 2003). Security and Flexibility With The Ability to Control Content and Network Access - With the DI-624 AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Router users are able to can filter content, protect outside intruders from gaining access, or access corporate networks through various VPN clients more securely to provide robust security and outstanding flexibility

Network Interface Modules & Hubs
HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
DE220CT  DE-220CT  DLink 8/16bit Ethernet Coax/10BaseT  89
DE220ECT/6  DE220ECT/6  Six pack DE-220ECT, Coax or RJ45, with software  440
DE220PT  DE220PT  Windows 95 Plug and Play 10BT 16/8 bit NIC  75
DE220PT/6  DE-220PT/6  Six Pack of DE-220PT NICs  435
DE220T  DE-220T  D-LINK 16/8bit, 10BT/RJ45 Ethernet  75
DE220T/6  DE220T/6  DLink 16-bit 10BT Ethernet, 6-pack  435
DE530CT  DE-530CT  PCI 32 bit bus mastering adapter RJ45/BNC Windows 95 PNP  169
DE620CT  DE620CT  ProCard series Bi-directional Pocket LAN adapter, 10BT/Coax w/T conn  169
DE650CT  DE-650CT  ProCARD Series PCMCIA 2.0 10BT/Coax NIC , Wind 95 PNP  195
DE802  DE802  D-LINK 2Port Thin Ethernet Repeater, 2 AUI and 2 BNC connectors  565
DE805TP  DE805TP  5-port "Hubby" 10 BT Hub  99
DE809TC  DE-809TC  D-Link 9-Port Micro Hub for 10BaseT  199
DE809TP  DE-809TP  DLINK9-port (RJ45) Hub for 10-BaseT  239
DE812TP+  DE812TP+  D-Link 12-port Ethernet Hub,10-BT  385

ProFAST Products
HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
DE220PCT/6 DE-220PCT/6  Six pack of DE-220PCT 16/8 bit, 10 base T/RJ45 adapter, Wind 95 PNP  495
DES2205  DES-2205  Rack Mount/Desktop 10/100M Switch. Fixed 5 port Switch four 10M and  1995

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