High Technology International Ltd (New York City) Introduces-


World's Premier Cellular (GSM) Solar Security Camera with Motion, Glass Break Detection & Nightvision-

Fire, Burglary, Temperature & Smoke Alarm & Remote Device Control via Electric Plug (Mains)

Great for locations where there is no Electric Power or Internet, just a Cell Signal. And if that's weak, we have Boosters

Battery, Solar,  Mains (Grid) Power or Genset


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Click Here for a list of USA Carriers (Service Providers) who offer a GSM SIM) and Click Here for a Global 2G & 3G GSM List

Are you OUTSIDE the USA & Americas?
You can get a 3G (900/2100mhz Data) and access your Camera/s by Website, PC, Mobile App & Cloud Server
Read about it here


C.E.& FCC Approved


Jablotron GSM Quad Camera & Alarm System


Watch a REAL sample Video (Back Yard USA)


Need  the Manual? 7.2mb by email?  (Remember to include your name, country, phone)  White Paper- How about a Solar Option?


NOW ON SALE until February 28th, 2016 Take $100 Off... Your Cost $399.95 plus Fees (for 2G GSM/GPRS)


The Cell-EYE-Remote tm is a stand-alone security camera & Alarm System designed for do-it-yourself easy installation and operation, which can broadcast video and audio via the GSM network and much more.


MMS, SMS, and voice calls are supported together with online broadcasting to your cell phone.



All about it Video, Please Watch


A wide range of detectors can be enrolled to the camera to trigger video/audio capture. A built-in infra-red motion sensor (PIR) is included, with in-picture motion detection, a glass-break detector, a built-in microphone for remote audio monitoring, and the ability of infra-red night viewing.


Also featured is activation by movement, sound, external alerts, etc. As standard the user gets a USB connection to his PC and the camera is compatible with the Oasis professional electronic security system.


Web, FTP, and e-mail services allow you to check your home from any internet PC, with the possibility of communication to central monitoring systems.


"Cell-EYE-Remote" tm ships direct to your door




Quad band GSM module with GPRS.


Watch the Cell-EYE-Remote from Your Retail Store or Warehouse direct to Android or iPhone



The "Cell-Eye-Remote" is now monitoring Shipping Containers, Parking Lots, Car Sales Lots, Warehouses, Vacation Homes, Private Offices, Private Boats, Construction Sites, Radio Antenna Towers, Farms, Empty Buildings,  Worldwide......


We can ship direct from the warehouse to you. We can ship to our USA Office, confirm contents, then freight forward to you, or your NYC & Miami Forwarder Agent. We can "ship blind" direct to your client. WE NEED AGENTS & DEALERS Worldwide


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GSM Camera $399.95 (plus add shipping $49.95-$79.95 by region & add Import Fee $24.95 if in the USA)

Outdoor Housing $89.95

Remote Wireless PIR Motion Detector $119. (Needed when using a outdoor Housing Cover which blocks the built-in Sensor)


GSM Security Camera [plus Shipping, Handling Currency & Import Fees]


We can also send a Pro-Forma Invoice ("Factura") with Shipping calculated and Billed to YOUR Currency.(20 Countries via PayPal)


You can choose to pay by PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, Thomas Cook, Bank Transfer, GreenPak,PayPal MoneyPak, US Postal Money Order



CONTACT US (for Tech Support or an IMMEDIATE Quote)


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Security Cameras
Cell-Eye-Remote GSM
Security Cameras
Security Cameras
Cell-Eye-Remote 3G
Security Cameras
JabloCOM EYE-02 3G
Smoke detector
Wireless smoke detector

Wireless smoke detectors that react to smoke and high temperature. When used in conjunction with the GSM Camera, the notification can be made including SMS and Voice. Built-in siren for local notification
Smoke detector
Wireless and programmable Thermostat

Programmable and wireless thermostat. The temperature is set on the device itself. When used with the Camera it is possible to turn your Heat on and off via Mobile Cell Phone, Included Remote Control and via the Internet.
The thermostat has frost protection and will notify the fire when the temperature exceeds 60 ° C.
Motion Sensor
Extra Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Wireless Magnetic Door Detector
Outdoor siren
Wireless Siren for outdoor installation w/Lithium Battery
Outdoor siren
Outdoor Housing with Sealed Antenna Closure & Wall Mount

NEW ITEM Model A88 Wireless Remote Control Electric Jack (like a USA X10)European Double Barrel style plug (Controlled via  Camera)

Request a brochure (pdf)

POWER by Electric, 6v Battery or Mini-Solar Panel

SIM PAL G4 Snapshot (5) Camera

SIMPAL G4 -3G SMS-MMS (up to 5 Photos) $199+
Read all about it

Did you see the New GSM Cellular Solar "Snapshot" Security Camera with Night-Vision & Solar Powered with Lithium Battery option?

Solar Cellular GSM Snapshot Security Camera


Engenius Wireless Bullet Camera (Router connected IP or WiFi)


Retail MSRP $299, Street $239, Your Cost $199.95 plus $9.95 UPS Ground (Ships from Texas btwn 4-6pm)




4-Camera Wireless 2.4Ghz Camera System with Monitor


Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to setup and use 2.4GHz digital wireless recording system



$479.95 with Four (4) Camera plus shipping $19.95 from Texas


Our new solution for the Digital Age.... IP WiFi Camera (or RJ-45 Router Interface)

Wifi IP Camera with Nightvision and Sound                                       Camera back view (IP WiFi Camera)

Retail $249.95 Your Cost $169.95 plus shipping


Click Here to Read More or Purchase



High Tech's easy-to-use and cost-effective do-it-yourself wireless intruder alarm system kit


Wireless Alarm System with 5# Dialer

Supports up to 60 wireless sensors (Up to 15 wireless defense zones and 4 wireless sensors per zone)

Wireless (430-433MHz) transmitting distance up to 300 feet (remote controller, smoke sensor, and siren) and up to 450 feet
 (door/window sensor and PIR motion sensor)

Supports up to 5 phone numbers for auto alarm call and 1 management center protocol (CID)

Armed/ Disarmed by remote controller, phone call and host's keypadSmart 3 defense lines configuration -
1st defense line is the perimeter, 2nd defense line for in-room, and 24-hour defense line



Retail Priced $199.95 Your Cost $129.95 plus shipping $8.95




Proxicast for CDMA or GSM (up to 4-Cameras) Modem Extra

Proxicast CCTV Transmitter via Celluar (Mobile) GSM or CDMA

Read it here

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