Handheld Computers Epson (Symbol, HP, Eltron, Zebra, Percon, Datalogic, PSC)

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description Retail
DCEP400HH1 A114022 EHT 400 Hand Held Computer, 50 MHz, 4 mb RAM, VGA Monochrome 2999
DCEP400HH2 A114032 EHT 400 Hand Held Computer 50MHz 4mb RAM, VGA Color 3799
DCEP40HH1 A115032 EHT 40 Hand Held Computer with 2 mb RAM and 0 Flash 2429
DCEP40HH2 A115042 EHT 40 Hand Held Computer with 2 mb RAM and 2 mb Flash memory 2609
DCEP40HH3 A115022 EHT 40 Hand held Pen computer with 4MB RAM, 2MB Flash 2489


Handheld Computer Accessories

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
DCEP30A1 A108011 Communication Cradle, requires AC Adapter and Ser cable, EHT30/40 369
DCEP30A11 A110011 Thermal printer for EHT30 & 40, requires Roll Paper Holder 669
DCEP30A12 2012507 Replacement Battery for EHT30,30L,40 &400 One comes with main unit 109
DCEP30A13 A109011 Thermal Printer, 58mm requires Roll Paper Holder 669
DCEP30A14 300005 Serial cable which enable communications with PC for EHT 30 and 40 59
DCEP30A15 1015184 Replacement pen for EHT30 and 40 2
DCEP30A2 A838232 AC Adapter, Universal 110v to 240v for EHT 30, 40 and 400 cradles 129
DCEP30A8 A838321 Roll paper holder, 58mm oversized for large paper rolls 14
DCEP30A9 A109022 Mag Stripe reader for EHT 30, 30L and 40 299
DCEP30C EHT30COMMKIT Comm. Kit EHT30 & 40, includes Cradle, AC Adapter and Serial cable 499
DCEP30P EHT30PRTKITS Thermal Printer Kit #S 54mm Wide for EHT30 & EHT40, 2 rolls paper 699
DCEP30P2 EHT30PRTKITW 80 mm Thermal Printer kit, EHT30 &40 w/ paper holder, 2 rolls paper 799
DCEP400A4 HD170WIN-CIC PCMCIA HD 170MB, Windows 3.11, Wind for Pen and CIC Handwriting Rec. 595
DCEP400A6 A838351 Communication Cradle for EHT400 products 659
DCEP400FD FDCARD Floppy Drive with PCMCIA Type II adapter for EHT400 399
DCEPA838272 A838272 Dual Battery Charger for EHT 30, 40 and 400 199
DCEPPENR1 PENRIGHTDEV1 PenRight Developer Kit Pro, Ver 3.62 for DOS, EHT30,40 and 400 595
DCEPPENR2 PENRIGHTDEV2 PenRight Development kit for Windows for EHT30, 40 and 400 595


Pole Displays

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
DIEP101 DM-D101II-001 Pole Display, Compact, Standalone 356
DIEP101DP DP-101-000 Pole Extension for DP-101 15
DIEP102 DM-D102-001 Pole Display Compact for U- & IT- 244
DIEP202 DM-D202-011 Pole Display Standalone 512
DIEP203 DM-D203-001 Pole Display for U- & IT- 358


Receipt Printers

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
RPEP200P TM-U200PD-011 TM-U200PD-011, Parallel Receipt Printer 294
RPEP200S TM-U200D-011 TM-U200, Serial Receipt Printer 294
RPEP270C TM-270-041 TM-270-041 Parallel Receipt Ptr, Validation, Journal, Cash Drawer I/F 795
RPEP290 TM-290II-011 TM-290II-011 Serial Slip Printer, Cash Drawer I/F Model:M28SA 455
RPEP290A TM290-000 TM-290-000 Serial Receipt Printer, Portrait 448
RPEP290P TM-290P-001 TM-290P-001 Parallel Slip Printer, Landscape Mode 483
RPEP295 TM-295-011 TM-295-011 Serial Slip Printer, Cash Drawer I/F 455
RPEP300 TM-300D-011 TM-300D-011 Serial Recp.Ptr. C/D, Purple 397
RPEP300A TM300A-011-02 TM-3001-011 Serial Recp. Prtr., CD/AC/TU, R/B 550
RPEP300B2 TM300B-011-02 TM-300B-011 Serial Recp. Printer, CD/AC, RB 508
RPEP300C TM300C-011 TM-300C-011 Serial Receipt Printer, CD/TU/PS, RB 494
RPEP300D2 TM-300D-051 TM-300D-051 Serial Receipt Printer, CD, RB 422
RPEP300PA TM300PA-011 TM-300PA-011 Parallel Receipt Printer, CD/AC/TU, RB 499
RPEP300PB TM300PB-011 TM-300PB-011 Parallel, C/D, R/B, AC 510
RPEP300PC TM-300PC-011 TM-300PC-011 Parallel Reeicpt Printer. CD/TU, RB 450
RPEP300PD TM300PD-011 TM-300PD-011 Parallel Receipt Printer, CD, Purple 422
RPEP925 TM-U925-011 TM-U925-011 Serial Receipt Printer, CD/AC, 1.5 Station 848
RPEP925M TM-U925-021 TM-U925-021 Serial Receipt Printer, CD/AC/MICR 1044
RPEP930P TM-930IIP-011 TM-930IIP-011 Parallel Receipt Printer Journal/Slip, CD/AC 1020
RPEP950U TM-U950-011 TM-U950-011, Serial Receipt Printer, CD/AC, 2.5 station 1020
RPEPL60 TM-L60II-11 TM-L60-011 Serial Printer 60mm Thermal, CD, Label 618
RPEPT60A TM-T60-051 TM-T60-051 60mm Thermal, Serial, C/D 576
RPEPT80A TM-T80-041 TM-T80-041 80mm Thermal, Serial, CD/AC 570
RPEPT80B TM-T80-081 TM-T80-081 Serial Receipt Printer, 80mm Thermal, CD 534
RPEPT85 TM-T85-011 TM-T85-011 Serial 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer, CD/AC 570
RPEPT85P TM-T85P TM-T85P-011 Parallel 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer, CD/AC 570



HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
RPEPCBS SP4412-002 Serial Cable for Epson, Star, Citizen, DB25F to DB25M 30
RPEPCBS9 SP4412-001 Serial Cable for Epson, Star, Citizen, DB9F to DB2FM, 6-ft. 30
RPEPPS110 PS-110-0001 Power Supply for Epson 290/P 156
RPEPPS130 PS-130-141 Power Supply, 120VAC, for TM Series 149



HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
RPEPR23B 26001B ERC-23B Blk Ribbon(RP267,TM267/270) 4.90
RPEPR23BR 26001BR ERC-23BR, Blk/Red Ribbon(RP267,TM267 4.90
RPEPR23P 26001P ERC-23P, Purple (RP267.TM267/270) 4.90
RPEPR27B 29001B (ERC-27B) ERC-27B, Black Ribbon for TM-290 7
RPEPR31P 930001P ERC-31P, Purple Ribbon, TM930II/950 12


Intelligent Terminals

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
STEP200A ITU200D012A IT-U200 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM-X40(SLC40) & TM-U200D011 1570
STEP200B ITU200D012B IT-U200 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM-DX2-50 & TM-U200D-011 1786
STEP375 ITU375012A IT-U375 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM403(SLC33) & TM-U375 1880
STEP37512B ITU375012B IT-U375 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM413(DX2-50) & TM-U375 2006
STEP375B STEP375B /16MB Intelligent Terminal Unit w/Prtr (TM-U375), SLC33/16mb/540HD/1.44FD 2990
STEP375C STEP375C /8MB Intelligent Terminal Unit w/Prtr (TM-U375), SLC33/8mb/540HD/1.44FD 2850
STEP375D STEP375D /4MB Intelligent Terminal Unit w/Prtr (TM-U375), SLC33/4mb/540HD/1.44FD 2700
STEP85A ITUT85011A IT-UT850 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM-X40(SLC40) & TM-T85-011 1814
STEP85B ITUT85011B IT-UT850 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM-DX2(DX2-50) & TM-T85-011 1940
STEP950 IT-U950-012 IT-U950 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM405(SLC33) & TM-U950 2260
STEP95012B ITU950012B IT-U950 Intelligent Terminal w/Prtr, IM415(DX2-50) & TM-U950 2290
STEP950B STEP950B Intelligent Terminal Unit w/Prtr (TM-U950), DX2-50/16mb/1.44FD/540HD 2700
STEP950D STEP950D (4MB) Intelligent Terminal Unit w/Prtr (TM-U950), SLC33/4mb/540HD/1.44FD 2400
STEPFD144 E032001 EPSON 1140 Floppy Drive for IT 83

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