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Homer Simpson Novelty Phone
  • Homer Simpson animated talking telephone
  • Homer talks and moves (his head and arms pop up) with an incoming call or when the demo button is pressed
  • Last number redial/flash
  • Custom or conventional ringer
  • Tone/pulse option
  • Demo button
  • Homer speaks a number of funny phrases when the phone rings, including "Don't touch it, it might be work!" / "I'm leaving the clowning business to the clowns in the clowning business!" / "Always do theopposite of what Bart says." / "If that's Mr. Burns, I'm not here!"
  • Homer sits in an armchair, his round belly is the rotary style keypad (push button dialing in a rotary fashion), and the back of the chair is the handset
  • Ringer volume control (high/low)
  • Animated/off/ring switch
  • Handset slide volume control
  • Requires 4 C batteries, not included
  • Homer is shown in his traditional colors (he sits in an orange chair)
  • Retails $69.95 Your Cost $49.95 plus $9.95 UPS (48 USA) Export Available (add 10% Service Fee)

Barbie Replica of the original Barbie "Solo in the Spotlight," she sings an original 1954 soundtrack when phone rings, handset is at the foot of the stairs, fully modular, redial, tone/pulse.
Barking Dalmatian One-piece phone features barking sound ringer, redial, and tone/pulse dialing. Also available in Polish Hound.
Volkswagen Beetle Two-piece replica of a vintage 1968 Volkswagen Convertible Beetle. Complete with flashing headlights, redial, tone/pulse. Available in Red, Yellow, Black, Blue-Gray, and Green.
CHEVYFLAME Replica of 1957 Chevy is tone/pulse switchable, redial, "beep" horn sounds and headlights flash when phone rings, ringer on/off.
Coke-Disc Unique Coca-Cola icon, dual neon lights around the border, Coca-Cola emblem also lights up, theme-song ringer, regular ringer option, redial, hearing aid compatible, tone/pulse.
Die-Cast Candlestick Nostalgic die-cast replica of vintage stick telephone with genuine wooden receiver and base. Tone/pulse, last number redial, and flash.
Elvis Telephone features "Jail House Rock" or regular ringer, doll moves in time with music, ringer on/off, last number redial, tone/pulse, mute.
Field-Phone Designed with the feel of a 1920's airfield. Wooden cabinet, hands-free speaker function, speaker on/off with volume control, redial, 10# memory, bell ringer with volume control, flashing red light, tone/pulse. Wall-mountable.
Rolltop Field-Phone Similar to Field Phone, but with authentic wooden storage cover.
Fighter Plane Replica of the P51D Mustang fighter plane, "vroom" ringer, redial, hearing-aid compatible, tone/pulse.
Fire-Engine Two-piece phone with mute, redial, flash. Fire engine sounds when phone rings -- engine starts and siren/bells sound.
Harley-Davidson A replica of the motorcycle with tone/pulse dialing and redial. Ringer features beep-horn and flashing headlight. Available in Red.
Red Flame Design with "VROOM" ringer
Jeep Boombox Cassette/Radio/CD player, LCD shows track number, cassette will record from CD or radio, AM/FM radio resembles a speedometer. Operates with AC adaptor and will run on eight "D" batteries (both included). Yellow, Grey, or O.D. Green
Hot Lips A fully modular interface with redial and tone/pulse switchable, in red.
Locomotive Two-piece replica of the 1925 crescent train. Features locomotive ringer with redial, tone/pulse dialing.
Piano Phone keys play melody as you dial, tone/pulse. Available in Black.
Pepsi-Phone A nostalgic piece that resembles a vintage Pepsi vending machine, on/off light switch fo ringer light, redial, tone/pulse, panel wall mounted. "AA" battery needed for ringer light -- not included
Pigphone This little piggy lies on its back smiling; handset is part of the belly. Pig snores when phone rings.
Star Trek A two-piece replica of the original USS Enterprise with tone/pulse dialing, redial, mute, flash; ringer features LED flash and red alert sounder.
T-Bird '56 Thunderbird is a two-piece phone with mute, redial, and flash; horn beeps when the phone rings. In Blue.
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