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THE MOLE® MM-100 transmitter
  • Small Footprint Packed with Powerful Performance 
Price and Performance Bundled in a Micro Package!

Prism’s MicroMole MM-100 Video Transmitter 

THE MOLE® MM-100 transmitter, based on Prism’s patented digital video compression technology (CODEC), transmits live motion video and audio over standard telephone lines (PTSN, POTS). The MM-100 is Prism’s most compact, lightweight, and versatile video transmitter equipped with built-in standard features you would expect on transmitters many times the cost! The MM-100 offers affordability and superior performance in a package weighing less than two pounds. The MM-100 is wall mountable with easy to install brackets and is ideal as a compact desk or tabletop unit. The MM-100 is compatible with THE MOLE™ RXWIN95 full- featured receiver software, or Prism’s cost effective MICRO RX receiver software. Either software combined with the MICRO MOLE MM-100 offers unsurpassed remote video transmission performance in a micro package! 
Features and Benefits of the THE MOLE® MM-100 Video Transmitter
  • Prism’s patented compression algorithm
  • Video Inputs - Four standard BNC connectors, for CCTV/NTSC/PAL sources
  • Audio Inputs – Four sets of screw terminal connectors configurable for 2 or 3 conductor line levels
  • Software optional connectivity to industry standard multiplexors, , PTZ, matrix switches, and quads through RS232 (9 pin –DB9 male) with conversion option for RS422 and RS485 serial connectors
  • Telephone connectors (PSTN) include RJ-11 and RJ-45
  • Microphone connector – One, 1/8" mini-microphone jack for connecting standard pre-amplified type microphones
  • Four Alarm inputs which interface via 4 sets of two position screw terminals
  • PRE-ALARM™ recording (optional hardware and software upgrade)
  • Four relay outputs for on/off switching control of lights, opening doors, and other mechanical devices
  • External 5 volt DC power supply (120 VAC input /5 VDC output transformer)
  • Weight – 1 LB 7.1 oz, size – 6.5"width, 8.25"depth, 2"height
  • Combine with any of Prism’s Windows 95 compatible receiver software
  • Two year manufacturer’s parts and labor depot repair warranty
New Product Information
  • Prism Video, Inc. Introduces Revolutionary New Product at ISCW THE MICRO-MOLE MM-100 Small Footprint Video Transmitter 

The MM-100 is Prism’s most compact, lightweight, and versatile video transmitter, measuring just two inches high, six inches wide, and eight inches deep, and weighs less than two pounds! The transmitter is wall mountable with easy to install brackets and is ideal in size for a desk or tabletop unit. 

The MM-100 comes equipped with the standard features of transmitters many times the cost, including four BNC type video inputs, four audio inputs, four alarm inputs, four relay outputs for on/off switching control of lights, opening doors and other mechanical devices. Full-duplex audio (2 way) is supported and preamplified type microphones and speakers or headsets may be used with the MM-100. Since the MM-100 is Prism’s most cost effective, transmitter solution, consumers who previously found this type of technology price prohibitive, will find live video affordable. In addition to the traditional commercial and industrial uses, Prism is clearing the pathway for the migration of digital video technology into home security, caregiver monitoring for the young and elderly, small business telemanagement and many more emerging markets. 

Sold in bundle with software $2695

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