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Symbol Scanners

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
SDSYLS1000 LS-1000-I000-51 LS1000 Spark Scanner, Undecoded includes Cable 595
SDSYLS1004A LS1004I0005200Z LS1004 Spark Scanner with RS232 Decoding, 25 pin Fem cable included 634
SDSYLS1004B LS1004I0005300Z LS1004 Scanner RS232 decoded with 25 pin Male cable included 634
SDSYLS1004C LS1004I0005400Z LS1004 RS232 Scanner with 9 pin Female cable included 634
SDSYLS1008A LS100XXX TBA! LS1000 KB Wedge Decoded scanner for AT, includes cable 695
SDSYLS1008B LS1008XXX TBA! LS1000 KB Wedge decoded for PS/2 with cable 695
SDSYLS1220 LS-1220-I200A LS-1220 Fixed-mount Scanner/RS232C 895
SDSYLS2000MX LS-2000MX-1200A LS-2000 Scanner with undecoded interface for POS apps, up to 35" 1095
SDSYLS2000ST 20-10118-01 LS2000MX Hands Free Stand 5" to 8" 95
SDSYLS2020MX LS-2020MX-I200A LS2020MX RS232 Decoded Single Port Scanner 1295
SDSYLS2080MX LS-2080MX-I200 LS2080MX Keyboard Wedge Scanner, Requires Junction Box 1295
SDSYLS2501MX LS-2501MX-1200A LS-2501MX w/WE/IBM4680/PC interface 1395
SDSYLS3070 LS30700010A0100 LS-3070 Kit for XT/AT. Includes Base to connect to PC, up to 50' 2495
SDSYLS3200 LS3200-1300A LS 3200 agressive scanner for Inustrial and dot matrix Barcodes. 1245
SDSYLS4004 LS4004I0000100A LS4004 Hand-Held Scanner, onboard RS232 with Synapse compatibility 1295
SDSYLS4804A LS4804-I000B LS4804 2D, PDF417 and 1D Scanner, 64K, RS232 & Synapse Int'l Version 1695.
SDSYLS4804B LS4804-I000A LS4804 2D, PDF417 and 1D Scanner, RS232 & Synapse North Amer Version 1695.
SDSYLS9100W LS9100002D09804 LS-9100 PC AT/XT & Fujitsu KB Wedge kit 1480
SDSYLT1700 LT1700I100A LT-1700 Laser Touch Hand Held VLD 645
SDSYLT1880 LT-1880-I000A LT1880 Lasertouch VLD scanner, Keyboard wedge, No Trigger 719.0
SDSYWK2080MX WK-2080MX-1200A LS-2080MX PC AT/XT/PS2 Wedge Kit 1345
SDSYPKG3800 PKG-3800-006 SAB Lite kit with 3805 scanner 4900


Scanner Accessories

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
SDSY4804C1 25-13527-01 9 pin PC AT cable for LS48XX scanners 75.00
SDSYLL500 LL-500 Omni Link TM Interface Controller, links input devices to terminals 450
SDSYLL500C1 50-04000-058 Power Supply, 117v LL400, LL500 & LS2400 series scanners, 5V 50
SDSYLL500RG 70-10382-01 Programmers Reference Guide for LL500 N/A
SDSYLS1220A 25-12068-01 DB25M cable for LS1220 Scanner 50
SDSYLS1220A1 25-12069-01 DB25M TxD Pin2 cable for LS1220 75
SDSYLS1220B 25-04950-01 Trigger Switch assembly for LS-1220, push button version 45
SDSYLS1220D SW-13193-01 PC Menu configuration SW for LS1220 100
SDSYLS1220E 25-13228-01 Cable for LS1220 MiniScan, 9 pin Female with trigger and beeper 75
SDSYLS1220F 25-13176-01 Trigger switch cable assembly, photo switch version for LS1220 200
SDSYLS1220RG 70-12072-01 Product reference guide for LS1220 15
SDSYLS2000MXA 25-03894-01 DB9F coiled cable for LS-2000MX 30
SDSYLS2080C1 25-04138-04 Host Cable for IBM319X, 316X from Host Terminal to Junction Box 30.00
SDSYLS2080C2 25-04138-01 Cable, KB for LS2080 to IBM3190 30.00
SDSYLS2080C3 25-03894-01 Cable, 9 pin D for LS20XX and LS26XX scanners 30.00
SDSYLS2080C4 25-04464-01 Cable for KB to IBM3151, 347X for LS2080, 250X, 300XX, 3280 & 1780 30.00
SDSYLS2080C5 25-04464-02 Host cable for IBM 3151/347X for LS20XX scanners 30.00
SDSYLS2080JB 20-02679-04 Junction Box for LS2080 KB Wedge, IBM PS/2 316x, 319x and 3180 75.00
SDSYLS2080JB1 20-02679-04 Junction box for KB wedge LS2080 &3280, 12v No Pow Sup needed 75.00
SDSYLS2501MXC 25-05267-01 Cable, for LS2501MX for IBM 4680 and 4690 (9B) 45
SDSYLS3000MX1 25-06711-01 LS-30xx, 32xx, 36xx Cable, 8' coiled DB 9 Fem 50
SDSYLS3200C1 25-06711-01 Standard Coiled Cable, DB9 Female, for various scanners. 50
SDSYLS3603 LS-3603-I200A Premium performance scanner, RS232/Wand, KB with synapse cable 1495
SDSYLS3603C1 25-14060-01 Cable, 8' to go from LS3603 to Synapse Cable 20
SDSYLS3603C2 25-14060-02 Cable, 20' to go from SDSYLS3603 to Synapse cable 40
SDSYLS4004M 70-16171-01 Manual for LS4004 Scanner 15
SDSYLS4804C STI80-0100 Synapse Cable for XT/AT for LS4804 85.0A
SDSYLS4804C2 25-13932-01 Synapse cable adapter for use with Synapse cable LS48xx 50
SDSYLS5000G 16-05896-01 Scratch Resistant Glass, Tin Oxide for LS5xxx Series N/A
SDSYLS5000KT KT-05895-02 Stanless Steel Mounting kit, incounter istallations, LS5xxx series N/A
SDSYLS9100E STI80-0100 Synapse Cable, LS9100 to A\XT/AT KB Wedge 85.00
SDSYLSC11 25-13227-01 Cable for LS1220 Miniscan with Trigger Jack 50
SDSYLSC12 STI80-0100 Synapse Cable for various LS Products, KB Wedge N/A
SDSYLSC13 STI20-0200 Synapse Cable for LS Series Single RS232 25 Pin Male TXD on Pin 3 80.00
SDSYLSC14 STI80-0200 Synapse cable for LS9100 to PS/2 Keyboard 80.00
SDSYLSC15 STI80-1300 Synapse Cable for KB Wedge for IBM 347X, 348X and 3151 90
SDSYLSC16 50-14000-008 Power Supply, 117v for LS Series N/A
SDSYLSC17 25-04302-01 RJ41 Connector to PDT Model 1510 for LS2000MX 30.00
SDSYLSC2 STI40-0100 Synapse Cable dual RS232, needs Power Supply 110
SDSYLSC21 25-04552-01 Coiled RS232 cable, 8' for LS20xx and LS26xx 25 pin M TxD on pin 3 N/A
SDSYLSC22 20-03115-01 Adapter Cable for LS20XX, 26XX, 30XX and 36XX scanners, Fem 25 pin 30.00
SDSYLSC23 20-02607-01 Battery Box for LS series, 9 pin serial connections, 9 volt 40.00
SDSYLSC3 21-03191-13 Multi-Port-Coupler M25P TxD on Pin 3 for RS232 dual port scanner 125
SDSYLSC6 KT-04690-03 Multi mount stand for LS20XX Scanners 25
SDSYLSC8 50-04000-30 117v Power Supply for LS2XX,25XX,30XX,32XX and 36XX scanners 35
SDSYLSCS 20-05256-02 Ring type cup stand for LS20xx, 24xx,25xx and 26xx series scanners 35
SDSYLSM 70-12043-01 LS 9100 Programmer's Guide 10
SDSYLSRG1 70-15529-01 Reference Guide for LS2603/3603MX 15
SDSYLSRG2 70-13421-01 LS3200 Reference Guide 15
SDSYLT1700A 25-05611-03 DB9F coiled cable for LT-1700 30
SDSYLTC1 25-05306-01 LT 1780 coiled scanner cable 45
SDSYLTC6 50-14000-005 117v Power Supply for LT1700, 20xx, 30xx and 33xx scanners 30.00
SDSYLTM 70-08046-04 Product reference guide for LT1800 series. 15.00


Portable Data Terminals

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
SDSYPDF620A PDF-620-0100A Fixed station PDF417 CCD 9 pin Serial 110v for high capacity 1275
SDSYPDT3100 PDT3100S0463010 PDT3100, 640K 256K NVM, 4x20 display, 35 key with Scanner 1795
SDSYPDT3100A PDT3100SO413010 PDT3100 with 1 MB RAM, 256K NVM, 4X20 display, 35 key Scanner 2095
SDSYPDT3100K SX-3100-0806 PDT3100 Kit,640/256NVM, 4X20DISPLAY, 35Key with PS & cradle 2080
SDSYPDT3100K1 SX-3100-0808 PDT 3100 starter kit Includes scanner, cradle, battery and Manual 2685
SDSYPDT3110 PDT3110S0864010 PDT3110 Scanner 640K RAM, 256NVM, 8x20 display, 46 key RF Terminal 2895
SDSYPDT3800 3800-NMREO6E LRT3800 for SAB Lite kit, 640k RAM, 256k NVM, 8x20 display 46 key 3195
SDSYPDT3800A 3800-NERE06E LRT3800 Scanner, 256K RAM, 256 NVM 46 Key 8x20 display 3395
SDSYPDT3805 3805-CMOEO6E LDT3805, 640k RAM, 256 NVM 8x20 display, 46 Keys, 2795
SDSYPKG3110 PKG-3110-001 SAB Lite Kit, includes development SW, PDT3110, PS and Cradle 4970


PDT Accessories

HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
SDSYPDT3057 59846-00-00 Null modem cable 25F/25F for 386x cradle to PC 50.00
SDSYPDFK4800A PDF-DK-4800A Developers kit for PDF417, includes Power Sup, RS232 cable & LS4800 1995
SDSYPDT3100B KT-12596-01 NiCad Rechargeable Battery Pack, 400 mA for PDT3100 50
SDSYPDT3100C CRD3100-100U Single Slot Cradle for various PDT units, includes power supply 295
SDSYPDT3100M 62605-00-82 Product Guide for PDT3100 N/A
SDSYPDT3110B 62970-00-00 Battery adapter for Overnight Battery Charger 3004-xxx 25
SDSYPDT3110C 3004-115 Battery Charger-4 Slot for PDT3110 195
SDSYPDT3865 3865-110 Single slot cradle with spare charger for 38XX, includes Pow Sup 325.A
SDSYPDT3866 3866-100 4 slot cradle CBM Kit LRT/LDT includes PS but not power cord 695.0
SDSYPDT3872 60083-00-00 NiCadd battery pack for 3805/3800 LDT & LRT 75.00
SDSYPDT38HO Q01783-04-00 Holster for LRT/LDT 3805, Leather 95
SDSYPDTC1 3057-F03 Null Modem Cable,25M-9F,for PDT31XX 50
SDSYPDTC10 KT-12596-01 Nicad Rechargeable battery pack for 3100 and 3110, 400mAh N/A
SDSYPDTC2 3115-000 Communications & Charging adaptor for PDT31XX 60
SDSYPDTC3 KT-12596-02 NiMH Rechargeable battery pack, 600mAH for PDT3100 and 3110 85
SDSYPDTC5 11-11426-01 Holster for PDT 3100 and PDT3110 45
SDSYPDTC7 59915-00-00 Power supply for PDT31XX and 38XX U.S. 25
SDSYPDTC9 59846-01-00 Null modem cable, 25M to 25F, for 38xx, 31xx, 33xx, 46xx and 39xx 50
SDSYPDTM 62605-00-90 PDT3100 System Administrators Manual 15
SDSYPDTS11 AP2411-5AZL-01 Spectrum 24, 2.4 GHz High End Ethernet Access Point with PSU 1895
SDSYPDTS2 SW-10441-03 Symbol 16 bit Development kit 595
SDSYPDTS9 SSV-200 Low Cost site survey rel II & III only, from drawings, no site visit 595
SDSYSAB1 3850-N6RS R2 Spectrm One Transceiver, includes power supply for North America 995.0
SDSYSAB2070 SAB2070-022 Spectrum One Rel 2 Serial Access Bridge 1895.
SDSYSABLITE3 50-26000-001 RS-232 DB-25M to DB-9F 10' serial cable 25
SDSYWK1780 WK-1780-1100A WK-1780 PC AT/XT/PS2 Wedge Kit 795


HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
DCSY464PA PPT4640P0H80W00 PPT 4640 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash/8meg RAM, PDF Scanner, Windows, S24 6000
DCSY464PB PPT4640P0HW0W00 PPT 4640 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash/16meg RAM, PDF Scanner, Windows, S24 7200
DCSY464SA PPT4640S0H80W00 PPT 4640 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash/8meg RAM, EP, Windows, S24 5500
DCSY464SB PPT4640S0HW0W00 PPT 4640 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash/16meg RAM, EP, Windows, S24 6700
DCSY46SA PPT4600S0H20200 PPT 4600 1/2 Screen, 2meg Flash / 2meg RAM, EP, DOS 3500
DCSY46SB PPT4600S0H80W00 PPT 4600 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash / 8meg RAM, EP, Windows 4700
DCSY46SC PPT4600S0HW0W00 PPT 4600 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash / 16meg RAM, EP, Windows 5900
DCSY46PA PPT4600P0H20200 PPT 4600 1/2 Screen 2meg Flash / 2meg RAM, PDF Scanner, DOS 4000
DCSY46PB PPT4600P0H80W00 PPT 4600 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash / 8meg RAM, PDF Scanner, Windows 5200
DCSY46PC PPT4600P0HW0W00 PPT 4600 1/2 Screen, 4meg Flash / 16meg RAM, PDF Scanner, Windows 6400


HTS-P/N Vendor P/N Description List
DCSY46C1 KT-17081-01 PPT 4600 AC Adapter for Terminal & Cradle 75
DCSY46C10 59846-01-00 Null Modem Cables for Cradles, 25M to 25F - 10' 50
DCSY46C11 59846-03-00 Null Modem Cable for Cradles, 25M to 9F - 10' 50
DCSY46C12 50-12100-232 UBC1000 Battery Adapter, use only w/UBC1000-4XXX Battery Charger 25
DCSY46C2 21-12598-01 PPT 4600 Spare Battery Pack 208
DCSY46C3 50-14000-045 PPT 4600 AC Adapter, International 75
DCSY46C4 UBC1000-400D Universal Rapid Battery Charger - 4-slot, Deskmount 395
DCSY46C5 21-15046-05 PPT 46XX Passive Pens (4 pack) 20
DCSY46C6 CRD4600-M000 PPT 4600 Master Cradle (US), includes PS and Cradle Terminator 425
CSY46C7 CRD4600-M010 PPT 4600 Master Cradle (International) 425
DCSY46C8 CRD4600-S000 PPT 4600 Slave Cradle (US) 295
DCSY46C9 CRD4600-S010 PPT 4600 Slave Cradle (International) 295
DCSY46M1 50-12000-045 PPT 4XXX SRAM Card: PCMCIA, CMOS, 2meg 395
DCSY46RG1 70-15860-01 PPT 4600 Quick Reference Guide 15
DCSY46RG2 70-15861-01 CRD 4600 Cradle Quick Reference Guide 15
DCSY46RG3 70-15862-01 PPT 4600 Product Reference Guide 15
DCSY46SDK1 SW-16427-01 PPT 4600 Software Development Kit (DOS) 495
DCSY46SDK2 SW-16428-01 PPT 4600 Software Development Kit (DOS/Windows) 695

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