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UNIDEN:Internet E-mail Phone

Discontinued (see alternatives below).

(Ships direct from Kowloon, Hong Kong or Taipei, Taiwan)

Retail Price $1495.00 Introductory Price $1295

Main Features:

Telephone Applications

Future features: Specifications:

Modem :
V.90, 56 Kbps,ADSL Modem, Cable Modem up-gradable

Processor :
Embedded CPU;8 Mb Flash, expendable to 16Mb;16 Mb DRAM, expendable to 32Mb

Full VGA, color 10.4" LCD
Automatic switch-off of the screen retro-lighting (Screen saver mode)
New mail icon (e.g.e) flash when new calls received

QWERTY alphanumeric keyboard with Fn keys
Standard telephone keypad with Hold, Speaker, Mute, Flash, Redial keys
Internet Keys: Up/Down/Right/Left, Web/E-commence/E-stock/E-bank keys.

D-25 parallel connector
Telephone line and Modem line RJ-11 connectors
RS232 Serial
(2) USB connectors
RJ-45 connector for LAN
Power supply connector DC Jack
PS2 connector for ext-mouse

Power Supply
External power adaptor for 100-120 V or 220-240 V

Protocols support
Access to internet networks TCP/IP(PPP)
Electronic mail: POP3 and SMTP

Browser compatible with HTTP 1.0, Html
Full Frames, Javascrip and SSL 3.0
Graphic image: GIF, GIF89a and JPEG
Audio: WAV
HTML 4.0, SSL3.0, Java Script

Operating Systems Supported
Linux, X-Windows System

380 x 280 x 110 (mm)

Dealers & Distributors & Importers Welcome

ISP 2001

User friendly
E-mail, Internet browsing, personal information management
Retractable keyboard
Touch Screen
Advanced encryption - secure and reliable
E-Commerce : stock transaction, tax-form submission, home banking...etc.
Software upgradable


Web browsing (support HTML 3.2, http 1.0, Java script, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, http, Proxy, frame, Table, Cookies)
E-mail (support SMTP, POP3)
Incoming indicator for e-mail
7.4" VGA color torch screen
56K bps V.90 modem
Software Download capabilities
Retractable keyboard

Telephone Features

Hand-free telephone
Standard telephone dial pad
Voice mail (Digital answering machine)
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 3)
Caller ID
Address book

Future Options

Printer port
Smart card reader
PCMCIA interface
Ethernet interface (Cable/ADSL)

ALL NEW....details coming

Retail $1495

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