The Cracked Facade: Our self-delusion that eating Animals is without repercussions

                                                   Happy Pig

                 Get me the f--k outta here !                                                                                      Happy Pig dreams of alternate Universe where Pigs run the show and Humans are in cages. (via BBC)

"I don't mind animals working for a living*, it's dying for a living that bothers me"    dpl

Mercury Poisoning Alert:
USGS admits America's streams are filled with Mercury-Laden Fish Read More

Chicken and other fowl in Asia (aka 'Avian Bird Flu'), then Turkey, then Egypt, Physteria infected Fish in Maryland (run off from Pig Farms), and 'Mad Cow' Disease in Britain (then Canada, then the USA). Unrelated eruptions on the vast landscape of the world's food supply? Don't think so. And Autism, Parkinson's, MS, Alzheimer's....?

Cloned Sheep, Genetically altered milk, toxic feed sludge and a host of other unnatural interference's with God's Good Earth have yielded the predictable results of toying and meddling with nature. (What about the US Military program called HARP, to manipulate & alter the atmosphere?)

Once the bacteria, virus or hormone has mutated from animal to human, it's too late. Biotech and Pesticide purveyors have corrupted the base of our food chain when they feed ground animals to animals, alter their physiology or integrate self-protecting enzymes within the food shell, just as they extrapolate false results by testing them on innocent lab animals.

"Shelf ripe" tomatoes were at the beginning of this perhaps fifteen years ago when they were altered to be ripe by market, perhaps ten days after picked and packed. Now firms like Monsanto are arm-twisting farmers worldwide to buy their high-yielding, genetically mutated seeds which self-destruct after each season.

Our option is to buy only organic, (by the organic industry standards, not the USDA whose current proposals include toxic sludge farming as 'ok'), and Vegetarian, with Water from natural springs or deep wells.

It sure is a very expensive option, but one that pretty much guarantees that the food supply doesn't become your systems' worst enemy, including Crypto-Spiridium and other un-detectable microbes in supposedly safe tap & even filtered water.

One exception is E-Coli Bacteria, recently found in imported Organic Raspberries and Domestic Sprouts. Manner of cleaning and storing is more relevant in this prevention.

Vegetarian doesn't equate to boring, the most often flung assertion. Every culture has unique vegetarian offerings, from Italian Lasagna to Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves & Fried Haloumi Cheese (they will insist on grilling as it is less fattening), to Jewish Noodle Koogle, to Lebanese Hummus To Egyptian Koshari, which will kick your taste buds.

From a Humanitarian, (not survival) point of view, our eating of animals can not be sustained without repercussions. In such an enlightened era, as the Age of Aquarius, (now emerging), our co-existence and harmony with nature and animals and our environment must take priority in our daily lives. Do not roll your eyes in disgust, as though this  line of thinking is crazy. I think perhaps you would not be reading this page if not concerned for your own health and that of your family. 'You are what you eat', & 'Your body is your temple' are old sayings for a reason....

In living this new ideal, war and hunger and genocide and toxic pollution become relics to a past era of mindless consumption which lasted less than a hundred years since inception to self-destruction.

Humans, by nature, are communal. Every action of the last era worked against this instinct, to separate and create demand for space and security, consumption and self-absorption.

It will take more effort and know-how to emerge unscathed into a world dominated by givers, not takers and dreamers, not destroyers.

The choice is yours, but there is "no way to get from here to there" without exerting some leap of faith. Don't forget, for those who care, Jesus was Vegetarian, as were The Mohatma, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Siddhartha, aka Lord Buddha.

NAMASTE, or "May the Light in You Shine in Me",

Douglas Pepper Lang
Vegetarian (Since 1989)
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