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  XYROS Real-Time Remote Monitor and Storage series products take the word "Closed" out of your "Closed Circuity Video Security System".  Now you can manage your facilities and assets from anywhere in the world.   You can do this with your desktop or laptop computer.  This puts your facility's VIDEO, AUDIO and CONTROL just a phone call away. 

The RM-1600 series provides this capability.  Two models are available depending on the physical conditions at the monitored site.  The RM-1600 is a desktop or rack-mount system with up to 15 Video and 15 Audio Channels suitable for fixed site installations.  The RM-1600D is a deployable version with 8 Video and 8 Audio Channels.  The unit is mounted in a durable carrying case for ease of deployment and relocation to alternate sites. 

All models are provided with a single CPU software License for the site controller and a unlimited CPU license for remote terminals when connecting to the licensed site controller 

Software and Hardware are warranted for the lifetime of the product when the hardware is installed with an approved Uninteruped Power Supply (UPS). 

Features Include: 
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of your   Video, Audio and Facility's Systems.
  • Video image cycling from single "continuous view" up to all 15 cameras.
  • Remote Monitoring of 8 Video and Audio Channels, expandable to 15 (optional).
  • Independent Unattended Video Recording from timer or other activation event.
  • 2 Way Audio on All Channels
  • All recordings are "Time-Date-Camera" stamped.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Control
  • Image Detail Control for Faster Frames or More Detail of image.
  • Input and Output Controls up to 32 channels and 32 Relays.
  • Real-Time Image "snap shot" storage and printing.
  • XYROScopic Zoom, 2X, 3X, & 4X zoom   within the camera's "field of view".
  • Video image scaling from "thumbnail" to full screen.
  • Video "Guard Tour" Feature
  • Remote playback of Pre-recorded video.
  • Image Lost Detection.
  • Local and Remote Recording, Storage and Playback up to 120 hours

RM-1600 Rack-Mount RM-1600 Series Options RM-1600D Deployable
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 RM-1600 Product Information Sheet 
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