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                   ZV-PORT  "Video-X" PCMCIA card:
versatile, flexible, configured to your needs.

This item is limited to Windows 95, 98.
For another option tailored to Windows 2000, ME, NT, XP, click here

You must purchase the PCMCIA Card, then add either a digital camera, 4-camera cctv adapter or tv/fm tuner. This product ships direct to you from Taiwan.

1. PCMCIA card w/notebook+color ccd it can be used for videoconferenceing or video mail(or any video-in source LD, VCR to play in notebook) $249.00 (plus shipping $45 USA/$50 Europe via EMS)

2. Four (4) input video-in source connector. It can connect 4 ccd and then display quad video image in screen for live monitoring, capture and storage system). Add $149.00

3. TV/FM Tuner for TV  and  FM radio.Add $149.00

Features & Specifications

Video-X has the following capabilities:

- About video conference

. minimum 7 or 8 frame/sec video and voice communication in LAN will be possible.

. if you need a long distance video conference, we recommend the usage of ISDN to be the most plausible means which will no degrade your video communication rate.

. you can also use commercial video conference s/w products in the market such as VDO Phone, Net Meeting, CU-See Me, Internet Video Phone, Odyssey Vmail & Internet Phone.

- Hardware Functions

. PCMCIA video capture card has 30 frame/sec video processing capability which can be applied to composite video and camcoder camera signals, an essential part for video conference.

. color video camera would be used in video conference or any other personal applications such as video editing, moving picture storage, etc.

you can purchase any other color video camera in the market, if you want.

- Software Functions(GUI)

. TV,CATV,FM channel and frequency can be adjusted.

. automatic channel and frequency scanning to find out available broadcasting stations.

. broadcasting station management function by table.

. audio volume can be adjustable.

. screen size can freely be adjusted in any size and full screen also possible in 640*480 resolution.

. user can still the image at any moment and save it in JPEG or BMPformat.

. moving picture can also be stored in avi file format and storage time may depend on HDD available size.

. audio stereo sound from FM radio can be recorded in CD quality with MP3 format.

- Specifications: Model  #SSZV2001A


* PCMCIA PC Card Standard, release 2.1 compliant.

* Type II size (5.0 mm thickness).

* Zoomed Video use only.

* auto NTSC/PAL format detect.

* Real-time video scaling.

* Support NTSC and PAL video standards.

* Full screen(640X480) live video display.

* Full motion video display & capture up to 30 frames/second, and the resolution of 640X480 (.AVI format) be possible.

* Captures high resolution still images of 640x480(NTSC) & 768x576(PAL).

* 24 bits RGB BMP,JPEG storage format.

* Additional Windows 95 applications can run simultaneously.

* Audio volume control.

* Image formats: 8,16,24 bit RGB and YUV422 for video conferencing.

* Video for Windows compatible.

.System Requirements

* IBM-compatible PC with a Pentium Processor, minimum 16MB RAM(recommended).

* Microsoft Windows 95.

* PCMCIA Type II slot or higher.

* Zoomed Video Port in the Notebook computer should be supported.

* SVGA 640x480 display with at least 256 colors.

and TFT active matrix is recommended.

.Video format

* Signal amplitude: 1.0Vp-p

* Input Impedance: 75ohm (unbalanced)

* Signal timing:

NTSC: Interlaced 30 frames/second
x0.jpg (7146 bytes)  $99-149. (if bundled)
Line-period: nominal 63.492us

PAL: Interlaced 25 frames/second

Line-period: nominal 64us

* Color video input signal: Color, Monochrome composite

* Color subcarrier (composite): NTSC: 3.579545 MHz

PAL: 4.433618 MHz


* Resolution: monochrome: 8-bits per pixel Y-Cr-Cb(4:2:2): 16-bits per pixel multiplexed Cr-Cb

* Digital accuracy: Max. 8bit

* Sample-rate: NTSC: 28.63 MHz PAL: 35.46 MHz

* Image size:

NTSC: Horizontal: up to 640 pixels

Vertical: up to 480 pixels

PAL: Horizontal: up to720 pixels

Vertical: up to 576 pixels

These numbers represent the resolution of an active image.

* Transfer-rate: Max. 27.64Mbyte/second with Zoomed Video


* Audio input: Stereo Rin > 7K ohm, -1dB

.Power requirements

* Standby: 70mW

* Capture Card : 1.5W


* Operating temperature: 0 to +40

* storage temperature: -20 to +85

* Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing

* Shock & vibration: according to PCMCIA 2.1 standard

.Mechanical dimensions

* Length: 85.6 mm

* Width: 54.0 mm

* Thickness: 5.0 mm

* Video adapter cable length: 200 mm

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